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Welcome to Inicijativa!

Inicijativa is a project that aims to exhibit art in places where stimulating imagination and inspiration can be beneficial, such as hospitals, schools and other public spaces.

We named the project simply 'Inicijativa' (meaning 'initiative' in Serbian). We are hoping to encourage other photographers and artists around the world to undertake similar action, exhibiting their work in local hospitals and other public spaces. The idea is that it doesn't take a famous artist to break the monotony of empty spaces and create a space that promotes a positive outlook.

The project started in Belgrade, Serbia in November 2006 and is ongoing. To date, we have created permanent exhibitions by donating and installing around 500 of our photographs in 6 wards at 2 public hospitals in Belgrade. These include:

See a selection of the works in our online gallery.

The positive comments and enthusiasm with which patients and hospital staff have responded to our project is highly rewarding and made our effort worthwhile.

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Katarina Stefanović
Ana Stefanović


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Dragana Gavranović

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